The Olympics

Truly the only athletic competition in which all the world has a chance to compete for national honor and pride. Here in America we dub the title holder of Major League Baseball "World Series Champions" and in the National Football Association and National Basketball Association the winner is also bestowed the title of "World Champions." Yet, outside of a couple Canadian teams, the rest of the world can merely watch and wonder, could we be the world champions? But in the Olympics, even the smallest of countries like Trinidad and Tobago and Cape Verde have the chance to place their best against the United States, Great Britain, Russia and the rest of the world.

These days so few people respect the honor bestowed among these athletes that compete not for money or fame, but national respect. A chance to stand at the top of the podium and hear their national anthem played in front of the entire world. It is a shame to me that here in America so many professional athletes reject the invitation to compete on our national team whether it be basketball, hockey or any of the other team sports we have the opportunity to field a team. To me, if you are going to take advantage of the popularity of sports here in America that allows you to make large sums of money playing a game, then you should pay your dues and support your generous country when she calls upon you to support her.

I cannot describe the feelings and emotions that I have as I watch each event of the Olympic games every two years. I cannot help but wish that I had the opportunity to be in the position of the gifted athletes that represent our great country on a global stage. To me there is no greater honor, no higher goal to attain, no contract worth more than that chance to win the gold and for the United States of America, my country, my honored home. So to all those athletes that are out there competing for the USA and for all of the other countries around this small world, I say to you, "God bless, God speed, and God be with you all."


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